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Editorial – Full Dentistry in Science – Edition 53

The expected keeps us strong, firm, and upright.
The unexpected makes us fragile and proposes new beginnings.
Machado de Assis

Closing the year with the 53rd edition, I consider the year 2022 as one of the biggest in relation to doubts and insecurities about the scientific journal market.

We have observed over the years how the profile of our customers has changed: once assiduous for reading, attentive for scientifically based cases. Today we see many succumbing to the “masters” of digital media.

We have received several questions from real professionals, asking us for a position on what we see today on the networks: tutorial videos on how to perform a surgery, an implant, among many other high-risk procedures. We are perplexed: how far does the human being go in the search for recognition? Where are the professional ethics?

So much is said about digital reading, the famous “e-books”, but we also notice the lack of access in our platform: And this makes us wonder what level of professional the market will have in the coming years? I see graduates in their great majority leaving college and going to work in offices and clinics (especially franchised clinics) without any foundation, without a post-graduation course, and they continue their professional lives without any updating, any course, any presential congress… And many times they don’t even use the digital media for updating.

On the other hand, we know the need for colleges and institutions to publish articles for proper qualification in the organs of quality analysis. So we ask ourselves: where is the fault? In the students, who have no commitment or interest, or in the master, who has not directed his students in the correct way? This is a question that many prefer not to comment on, assuming that “a fine line” is maintained between teachers, students and institutions.

We at Editora Plena and our entire editorial team are sorry, because we know the effort of each author to complete their article, and we also know our work in maintaining our publication in print or online.

For 2023 and beyond, our wish is that people become more interested in their professions, that they are not just puppets manipulated by digital media, that they are not mediocre in not risking something bigger.

To those who seek this continuous growth in learning our sincere congratulations, because we know that you will be a successful professional, like many who are today in the frontline of this battle.

Janete Moreira

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