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Editorial  Simmetria – Edição 18

Editorial Symmetry – Edition 18

Seek to avoid complications: master your patient’s face

Dear reader,

Whether it’s to slow down ageing, restore youthfulness, as a form of treatment, prevention or even to boost self-esteem and feel good, all of us will undoubtedly resort to aesthetic treatments at some point in our lives!

There’s no doubt that facial aesthetics is gaining more and more ground, and that’s indisputable!

Brazil ranks second in the world for non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures with injectables, behind only the United States.

That this is a promising and highly lucrative area and market is undeniable! And the most important thing at this point is to be prepared to offer patients the best results.

And where there is demand, there is supply! But the supply is not always qualified! As the number of procedures grows, so does the number of dreaded complications! That’s the secret!

Every aesthetic professional can become the protagonist of their own results and history. Try to be a reference and know how to avoid complications in your patients and, if something does happen, understand how to treat it and, where possible, reverse it.

Once a professional offers quality work, there’s no turning back. What do you mean a path of no return? Seek mastery of the treatment target and thus provide the security you need to act and become a reference professional.

And that security comes when you master the specific item: the patient’s face.

With love,

Ana Paula Paixão
HOF Anatomist

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