Editorial  Simmetria – Edição 6

Editorial Symmetry – Edition 6

And here we are, learning day by day how to deal with this new world of Dentistry. This dentistry that we love so much, that we dedicate so much of ourselves to. Quality dentistry, the one for which we are known worldwide for being good, very good.

We, dentists, are “science” by nature, we love challenges, and we go deep into them, always! Challenges are part of the evolution of every profession, and this is what motivates us. We always try to be better, not better than others, but better than ourselves.

Perhaps a question puzzles people, and I have certainly heard it: why are dentists doing Orofacial Harmonization (OOF) now?

But the question we must ask is: how come we haven’t done this before?

When I fell in love with dentistry and decided that I wanted to “be a dentist” (and I never thought of another profession), what delighted me the most was the possibility to change smiles. Smiles that were on the faces and I saw the idea of changing these faces as something magical.

I fell in love with orthodontics as soon as I graduated, because this was my dream, to change faces.

Orofacial Harmonization came to expand our possibilities, answering and complementing our professional desires.

Since January 2019 we are a specialty recognized by our board and this is wonderful!

It’s not easy to have to keep proving, all the time, that you can do it.

I have never agreed with the idea that we are more or less competent than other professions, or even that we have more knowledge about a subject. I just think that we are very, very competent to work in such a field.

What I see today are extremely efficient professionals, very capable, with the goal of satisfying their patients both aesthetically and functionally.

The HOF has shown us countless possibilities to add quality to our services.

As I said before, we dentists love to delve into challenges, and it is there. Studying is part of our daily learning goal. Being able to count on scientific journals is always gratifying, and Simmetria and, of course, Editora Plena, with all their quality, collaborate to share knowledge among us.

We still have a long way to go, we know that, but it has been done with much love, dedication, study, and knowledge, and it is an honor to be part of it since the beginning.

Carmen Zimmer
Master and Specialist in Orthodontics

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