Editorial  Simmetria – Edição 8

Editorial Symmetry – Edition 8


What paths should Orofacial Harmonization follow after the end of the pandemic?

The pandemic brought us many challenges, and as dentists we took the attitude of preparing ourselves with mastery to face this period from the point of view of: biosecurity; patient information; improvements in the physical structure of our offices and/or clinics; continued education through information lives and also, as an example, through digital format editions such as our magazine SIMMETRIA; we invested in technical formation. But what’s next after this period?

For some colleagues, the new path of the HOF might be to increase the area of action, for others, scientific research to practice evidence-based medicine, and there are those who think of creating a sub-specialty focused only on surgical action. Which is the best path?

Right or wrong decisions will directly impact the future of the HOF and the clients who seek orofacial harmonization, but without satisfied or delighted clients, there is no point. Perhaps the specialty should look today before looking for paths for the future; our future lies in making society understand today that the HOF is much more than aesthetics.

The first fight was for the creation of the specialty in 2019, then came the fight for survival in 2020/2021. And now, will the fight be for our clients?

If the answer is yes, imagine that these clients will come out of this pandemic bruised, psychologically and physically wounded, and that they will have to rely on us to restore their self-esteem and to soften the scars on their faces!

Scars on the face? As you all know, women are the largest audience that seeks us in our offices to perform the HOF, and these, according to various media and research, had an increase in domestic violence, which is very sad and leaves shaken the female self-esteem and often leave physical scars on the face, yes!

Thinking about this, the SBTI (Brazilian Society of Botulinum Toxin and Facial Implants) has started a campaign in all states so that the associated colleagues, regional coordinators, delegates of the entity and specialization courses in HOF can provide care to these women victims of violence, so that somehow we can give back to the community all the recognition of the Brazilian population to the work of the dental surgeon and who does HOF.

The continued support for the growth of the HOF by this magazine is a fact, and I know that in future editions you, fellow reader, will be contemplated with articles of clinical case reports of women who suffered violence in the pandemic and found support in the HOF to increase self-esteem and reduce the scars left.

May the HOF choose the path of welcoming and social inclusion, and may we all glimpse a bright future.

Prof. Dr. Kenedy Kuhn

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