Orthodontic Science and Practice

V.13, n.52 – (Oct./Nov./Dec. 2020)

São José dos Pinhais: Editora Plena – 2008 – P.136, 28 cm – Quarterly – ISSN 1982-8799

Orthodontic Science and Practice, quarterly periodicity, 136 pages, indexed in the bases: Lilacs, Latindex – BBO – IBICT – CCC – SeCS, Qualis Capes A2 Interdisciplinary, Qualis Capes B4 Dentistry, Qualis Capes B4 Physical Education, Qualis Capes B4 Collective Health, Qualis Capes B5 Medicine II, Qualis Capes B5 Engineering II

1. Dentistry.
2. Orthodontics.
3. Facial Orthopedics.
4. Functional Jaw Orthopedics.
5. Speech-Language Pathology.

I. Plena Publisher. II Title
CDU 616.314

Table of Contents Edition 52

2 Scientific Body
3 Editorial Board
4-9 Editorials
10-24 How To Column
25-28 Point of View column
29-35 Spine Orthodontics and Ideas
40-119 Articles
120 Rules for publication

Case report
40-51 Flex Developer as an alternative in Class II treatment in non-compliance patient
Renato Barcellos Rédua.

52-65 Use of cross-laser as an auxiliary method in Class III patients diagnosis and treatment planning
Giovanni Modesto Vieira, Eduardo Jacomino Franco.

66-80 Clinical use of the alternative PowerScope attachment nut – step by step description
Alexandre Moro, Nathaly D. Morais, Denisi Coelho Gomes, Cauby Maia Chaves Junior, Gisele Maria Correr Nolasco.

81-87 Can mandibular propulsion be used with vestibularized lower incisors?
Stenyo Wanderley Tavares, Marjorie Barbosa de Almeida Oliveira.

Original article
88-95 Polysomnographic efficacy of a semi-flexible intraoral appliance in CPAPresistant apneic patients – preliminary study
Marcelo de Melo Quintela, Leticia Cristina Cidreira Boaro, William Cunha Brandt, Márcia Hiromi Tanaka, Caio Vinicius Gonçalvez Roman Torres, Wilson Roberto Sendyk.

96-101 A comparison of shear bond strength after bonding with two orthodontic cements – an in vitro study
Kalena de Melo Maranhão Pereira, Fernanda Neves Borges de Oliveira, Clayton Pereira Silva de Lima, Joyce Figueira de Araújo Gatti, Ana Cássia de Souza Reis.

102-106 Assessment of primary molars early loss in mixed dentition prevalence
Ana de Lourdes Sá de Lira, Cassius Wander Coelho Martins, Luis Paulo da Silva Dias, Tito Cacau Sousa Santos.

107-114 Mandibular incisor position in symphysis comparison in young leucoderm, xanthoderm and japanese-brazilian with normal occlusion
Jose Guerra, Maria P. Seminario, Julio Vigorito, Marcos Roberto de Freitas, Guilherme Janson, Arnaldo Pinzan.

Notebook DDS-BR – Digital Dentistry in Science

116-118 Editorial

119-121 Point / Counterpoint
Henrique Bacci.

122-128 Treatment of generalized diastemas using a protocol of decomposition of movements with the Invisalign® System
Victor de Miranda Ladewig, Sandra Fausta Almeida de Miranda Ladewig, Nathalia de Miranda Ladewig.

129-135 Digital workflow in the simplified assembly of lingual brackets
Silvana Allegrini Kairalla, Cláudia Allegrini Kairalla, Angelo Vicentini Loiola, Ronaldo Henrique Shibuya.

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