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Simmetria Orofacial Harmonization in ScienceV.5, n.19 – (Apr./May./Jun.2024)

São José dos Pinhais: Full Publisher – 2019 – P. 112, 21 x 28 cm.

Quarterly Periodicity

1. Dentistry.
2 Orofacial Harmonization.
3. Aesthetics.
4. Orthodontics.
5. Implantation.

I. Full Publisher. II Title

ISSN 2674-8118

CDD 617,643

CDU S592

Simmetria Orofacial Harmonization in Science, quarterly, 112 pages, indexed in Latindex.

Summary Issue 19

2 Editorial Board
3 Scientific Body
4-7 Editorials
8-9 Dental Law
14-110 Articles
112 Publication standards

Case report
14-29 Injectable bio-ortomolecular facial naturalization with: mixbooster, L-Polylactic Acid (PLLA), Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) and electrophotothermotherapy resources
Ricardo Loss.

30-39 Ozoned biogel – case report
Gislene Paulovski, Edilmar Marcelino.

42-49 New method of applying microfocused ultrasound in facial rejuvenetion
Isabel Priscilla Garcia, Sheila Picolo, Mariana Olea Sabatini, Flávia Tenório, Samara Fabris.

50-57 Use of ozone therapy in the post-operative surgery of liposuction surgery for submentonial fat –case report
Eliane Eloisa Silva Leite, Edilmar Marcelino.

60-66 Use of botulinum toxin in eyebrow elevation – case report
Ana Paula Barbisan Rodrigues, Edilmar Marcelino.

68-74 Diagnosis with Wood’s l amp in Facial Harmonization
Edilmar Marcelino.

Literature review
76-81 Ozonised cannabidiol: potential benefits of the combined use of CBD and ozone
Gislene Paulovski, Edilmar Marcelino.


Case report
88-94 Use of plasma gel in gluteal remodeling procedures
Mayara Stival, Fernando Garcia Pinheiro.

Literature review
96-102 Collagen biostimulation with poly-l-lactic acid in gluteus
Taisa Maria Rodrigues Vilardi, Edilmar Marcelino.

104-110 Androgenetic alopecia: cause and treatment
Ana Laura Mendes, Edilmar Marcelino.

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