Develop, produce and market dental journals and books, making it recognized worldwide for its excellence and competitiveness, bringing benefits, information and improvements to professionals in this area.


Have the best editorial publications on the market in an impartial manner, accompanying the technological advances, with print and digital versions, so that we can serve our consumer satisfactorily.


We prioritize ethics and transparency in editorial processes;
Our authors, clients and employees are our greatest asset;
The communication to be transmitted must be clear and objective;
Environmental, economic and social sustainability.


For 12 years we have identified a lack of information and technical-scientific knowledge of quality in the dental area, which led us to create in 2007 the magazine Orthodontic Science and Practice, aimed at orthodontists.

In order to meet the other areas, in 2009 we launched the Full Dentistry in Science, a multidisciplinary publication that counts with works of Implantodontia, Prosthesis, Clinic and Endodontia.

Following the magazine Prosthesis and Eshetics in Science was developed especially for Prosthetics, seeking to assist in the technical development and improvement of communication between clinic and laboratory.

In our eighth year, after several considerations, we decided that it was time to venture into new seas, and with that in mind, we launched the 1st Ortho Science International Congress, which was attended by great national orthodontists and also by Dr. David Sarver , one of the biggest names in international orthodontics. And the success of this event just confirmed that we are on the right track - the 3º Congress already has a date: June 17 to 19, 2021.

Also in 2016 we expanded our area of ​​practice for courses, with the start of Ortoplena - Mini Residence in Orthodontics. Besides the best printed content, we want to take, through technical-demonstrative classes, the knowledge of renowned Dentistry professionals to specialists and post-graduates of the area.

In 2017 we held the 1st Ortho Science Meeting, with the intention of bringing what is new in the segment to the orthodontic class, starting with a theme that has attracted a lot of attention from Brazilian professionals: the use of self-ligating brackets.

All this is done with great attention, affection, seriousness and respect so that you, Client of Editora Plena, have access to the best content ever. Quality content, this is our biggest commitment from the start.

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