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Between meetings and mismatches we are writing our biography

How have you been writing your biography?

What are the main chapters of your book entitled MY LIFE?

What legacy will you leave for generations from this life on?

A human biography is nothing more than the narrative of the whole story between two moments, the first inhale, when you are abruptly put out of your mother’s belly, making all your senses, all your perceptions work at the same time, causing a collapse of sensations; and the last exhale, when you end your cycle in this material plane without the slightest chance of foreseeing this day, which is the only certainty we have, which we call LIFE.

Our LIFE can be understood, told, comprehended in two ways: from our Ambiguities and our Polarities, or our Encounters and our Mismatches.

When we observe our biography from a broader and more distant point of view, we can perceive a great plot, an enormous web of encounters and missed meetings that began even before our fecundation, there in our ancestors. For example, the meeting of our paternal and maternal grandparents.

And these encounters extend throughout our childhood, adolescence, youth and adult life, whether in countries, cities, neighborhoods, schools and professions, and go on to form our entire family center and circle of friendships, as well as all the mismatches, such as endings of relationships, resignations, promotions, deaths of close and dear ones.

Some are painful, which leave marks and lessons and are imprinted in our memories like hot iron marks, and for years can be ghosts that torment us, paralyze us, or even take away our vitality.

But we also have the pleasant ones, which are affective memories that give us butterflies in our stomachs when we remember them, like the feeling of a fresh breeze on our faces and the cold, fine sand of a beach paradise, contemplating the sunset, listening to the coming and going of the sea waves.

And, during these meetings and mismatches, we write the story of our lives, based on our experiences that have generated innumerable different feelings.

If we stop to think for a moment, what if some of these meetings or mismatches had occurred out of time? Imagine if Michael Phelps had not had his first contact with a swimming pool back in his childhood, would he have won so many medals? If a tyrant leader had had a single different experience in his childhood, would he not have spared thousands of lives?

But let’s talk about his encounters and mismatches.

Imagine a train, made up of several cars and these cars are the years of your life. And each year a car is hitched to your locomotive, and each time you need more power and “firewood” to keep it running smoothly.

Imagine now how many people entered your wagons without your permission, because the doors were open, and so many others also got off without your farewell, suddenly, without a kiss goodbye, an I LOVE YOU for the last time, or even a tight hug.

How many people you invited who made a mess in the train car and others that you never paid attention to, and are still sitting there, waiting for your contact.

Notice that today your locomotive already has several cars and you have no idea what you are carrying, or to whom you are giving a “ride”. Notice that you, the train driver, are always worried about keeping the boiler full of firewood to give the maximum power and thus fulfill your obligations, goals, and don’t stop for an instant to see how things and people are doing in your wagons of life.

I invite you to slow down your locomotive for an instant, a day, a week, or even a month. Notice that I suggest you slow down, not stop the locomotive. I want you to slow down your work, your diet, your physical activity, your dreams, and for a few moments, every day, pay attention to the people around you.

If you have children, when was the last time you gave them special and full attention, listening to all their difficulties with attentive eyes and ears, without judgments and much less advice like “I was your age once”.

When was the last time you took your wife or your girlfriend for a simple walk, one of those simple walks that were just like when you first started dating, when a coxinha and a guaraná were enough to make your heart soar with every word you heard.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to do something new, for the first time in your life, after so many years loading the wagons of your locomotive?

Pay attention to your wagons, because your locomotive can stop at any moment.

Stay with God, big kiss in the heart and #lifethatgoeson

Hugo Nagem

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